Winstrol is one of the very commonly used anabolic steroid that is used for cutting cycles. Many people also used Dianabol and even Anadrol for the cutting cycles. Although, there are many other drugs or steroids used for this purpose but Winstrol is an effective steroid and it is prescribed by most of the physicians today. You must keep in your mind that Winstrol is used in a very limited quantity every day. It is not like all other steroids used for cutting cycles. Normally, if you use some other steroid then you have to use them on daily basis and doses are quite large but when it comes to Winstrol then a little amount of dose can do the work for you. This steroid is used to lower the SHBG. Obviously, winstrol is preferred on other steroids because it has the ability to lower the SHBG very effectively as compared to other steroids available in the market. Only a 0.2mg/ kg dose of Winstrol can lower the level of SHGB with the help of which, Testosterone can freely move in the blood stream. Suppression of normal hormone levels can occur by using this steroid but it is very less as compared to many other steroids used for the same purpose. The history of winstrol is not very old. It was first introduced somewhere in 1960s and since then this steroid has been used. The results of Winstrol are very significant and that is why it is prescribed by doctors and physicians regularly.

Side effects of Winstrol

If you will add it to a heavy bulking cycle then it can be problematic for you. The Stanazolol used in it is a 17aa compound. It means that this steroid is altered in a way so that it can firs pass through your liver and then it can enter into the blood stream easily. If this formulation is not used then it will be destroyed before reaching to the blood. So, it is an oral active compound as you will find it in the form of pills normally. You can find the Winstrol pills from many well-known pharmaceutical companies and there are many underground labs as well that are making these steroids. The discomforting fact about Winstrol is that due to its 17aa nature, it can be liver toxic. Winstrol is known as a steroid having the worst hepatoxicity among all the steroids. So, if you are a patient or someone with weak liver then you better avoid using this steroid because it may have harmful effects on your health. Due to this reason, the addition of Winstrol in a bulking cycle can be really problematic. Normally, a bulking cycle is very heavy not only dosage wise but as toxicity as well. The results of Winstrol on cholesterol are also very undesirable too. The dose of 6mgs per day of Winstrol can easily lower the HDL by 33% and it may raise LDL by 29%. You can see that these results can be dangerous for anyone. So, anyone who is willing to use winstrol should consult with his doctor or physician first. The risk of cardian hypertrophy even at a lower dose of winstrol is quite common. This side effect is also very dangerous and normally those people get into these side effects who never discuss anything with their doctor. If you want to make sure that you don’t suffer from the side effects of this steroid then you must consult with your doctor first before using this steroid. One thing that you can do like many other people is to limit your intake of the dose every day. In this way, you can stay away from the side effects of Winstrol. It is better to use the steroid during short cutting cycles. For example; you can limit the use of winstrol to your summer cutting cycle types easily. Due to the toxicity factor of this steroid, it is often suggested that a person should run it for only 6 weeks. However, many people have run the steroid for even 12 weeks without showing any kind of side effects at all.

In what form you should use winstrol?

If we talk about the availability of Winstrol then it is clear that this steroid is available in two forms. One form that is very common as well is the pills form. Most of the people prefer to use it in pills form because it is easy to intake this steroid orally. However, if you don’t feel comfortable taking Winstrol orally then you can use injections as well. The issue with injections is that, many people complain about the pain on the spot of injection that can be neglected considering that many people normally feel pain whenever they are injected with anything. However, if you will use oral winstrol for up to 12 weeks then chances are very high that there will be no side effects.

For how much time, winstrol should be used?

Many people don’t have any idea about for how much time, this steroid should be used. Well, winstrol is not like other steroids that are available in the market for different purposes. There are certain steroids that you have to use for the rest of your life or till the time when you are in a business for which you need those steroids. For example; if you are a sports man and want to perform better in your sports then you will have to use the Dianabol regularly unless you have ended your career. However, let us talk about the time for which you should use winstrol.

A better assumption is to use the steroid for up to 6 weeks. The best thing about using steroid for 6 weeks is that, not or very less side effects have been shown by those people who have used this steroid for this time period. As described above, many people even used this steroid continuously for 12 weeks and didn’t show any kind of side effects at all. On the safe hand, you can use winstrol for almost 6-8 weeks.