Miraculous Weight Loss? No, It’s Just My MiracleSuit!

Last year, after years of struggling with my weight I had finally stumbled across just the right weight loss program for me and my lifestyle. I had dropped from a size 22 to a size 14 in a matter of months, just in time to go on a summer cruise with my family. While I was thrilled with my weight loss, and I loved how my new wardrobe looked on me, I was not thrilled at the prospect of putting on a bulge-revealing bathing suit. After such a dramatic weight loss (and two C-sections), I had more than a little excess skin drooping around my midsection. I could wear a girdle under a swim suit to hide my extra rolls, but what would hide the tell-tale lines of the girdle? Then my daughter told me about something called a MiracleSuit®, which claims to shave 10 pounds from the wearer in seconds.

I didn’t really believe this suit could perform any miracles. In fact, I went to the department store fully armed with a list of complaints and a few expletives to mutter under my breath in the dressing room. Miraculously I never got to use them.

I browsed through two racks of MiracleSuits®, which comes in shapes, styles, and colors to fit any body shape and any personality. There were boy shorts, skirts, ruched tops, tankini tops, and one-pieces. They were attractive, but they didn’t look much different than any other swimsuit, other than the price tag. The MiracleSuit® separates started at $40.00 and rose nearly exponentially from there. I flipped the tag up at my daughter and rolled my eyes at her. “For this kind of money, this suit better make me look not only 10 pounds thinner, but 10 years younger, too!” I clucked.

After slipping into a lavender ruched tank and flattering black bottoms with a mid-thigh skirt overlay, I audibly squealed. I honestly looked a full size smaller. I was so tickled that I actually stepped out of the dressing room to show my daughter. Even before my weight gain and subsequent loss, I always wore a cover up over my swimwear because I never looked flat enough or curved enough in the right places. Now, though, armed with my MiracleSuit®, I have no qualms about showing off my new figure.

The miracle of the MiracleSuit® is the amazingly effective “girdle” built into the pretty prints and patterns. This is no ordinary girdle though; in fact, the MiracleSuit® makers say there is no girdle to it, but instead the Miratex® fabric of the suit actually does all the work. This state-of-the-art fabric is sheer genius. Unlike girdles, the MiracleSuit® is actually comfortable. It doesn’t bind or pinch, and there is no hard boning to poke or jab at you. Yet amazingly this suit takes extra firm control of your little (and sometimes not so little) imperfections, tucking away an extra “jelly-roll” here and there, flattening out the bulges and smoothing away the dimples.

The MiracleSuit® is a bit pricey, at least compared to what I would normally spend on a swim suit, and I never thought in a million years that I would have ever paid as much as I did for a swimsuit, but I dare you to try one on and not lust after one of your own. The department store where I tried on the MiracleSuit® is a higher-end store anyway, so I decided to do a bit of comparative shopping. I tried on several suits I liked while I was at the department store, took note of the style names and numbers, and dashed out into cyber-space to see what I could find.

In the end, I bought my top at a local department store after waiting a few weeks for a good sale, and I bought my skirted bottoms on e-Bay™ at a significantly reduced price. All in all I spent $72.00 on my suit. The money was well spent, too. On our cruise I was able to go up on deck to sunbath with my daughters without a second thought as to whether or not I looked okay. The best thing about the MiracleSuit® is that, while the suit itself is a bit expensive, the confidence boost is absolutely free!