Miraculous Weight Loss? No, It’s Just My MiracleSuit!

Last year, after years of struggling with my weight I had finally stumbled across just the right weight loss program for me and my lifestyle. I had dropped from a size 22 to a size 14 in a matter of months, just in time to go on a summer cruise with my family. While I was thrilled with my weight loss, and I loved how my new wardrobe looked on me, I was not thrilled at the prospect of putting on a bulge-revealing bathing suit. After such a dramatic weight loss (and two C-sections), I had more than a little excess skin drooping around my midsection. I could wear a girdle under a swim suit to hide my extra rolls, but what would hide the tell-tale lines of the girdle? Then my daughter told me about something called a MiracleSuit®, which claims to shave 10 pounds from the wearer in seconds.

I didn’t really believe this suit could perform any miracles. In fact, I went to the department store fully armed with a list of complaints and a few expletives to mutter under my breath in the dressing room. Miraculously I never got to use them.

I browsed through two racks of MiracleSuits®, which comes in shapes, styles, and colors to fit any body shape and any personality. There were boy shorts, skirts, ruched tops, tankini tops, and one-pieces. They were attractive, but they didn’t look much different than any other swimsuit, other than the price tag. The MiracleSuit® separates started at $40.00 and rose nearly exponentially from there. I flipped the tag up at my daughter and rolled my eyes at her. “For this kind of money, this suit better make me look not only 10 pounds thinner, but 10 years younger, too!” I clucked.

After slipping into a lavender ruched tank and flattering black bottoms with a mid-thigh skirt overlay, I audibly squealed. I honestly looked a full size smaller. I was so tickled that I actually stepped out of the dressing room to show my daughter. Even before my weight gain and subsequent loss, I always wore a cover up over my swimwear because I never looked flat enough or curved enough in the right places. Now, though, armed with my MiracleSuit®, I have no qualms about showing off my new figure.

The miracle of the MiracleSuit® is the amazingly effective “girdle” built into the pretty prints and patterns. This is no ordinary girdle though; in fact, the MiracleSuit® makers say there is no girdle to it, but instead the Miratex® fabric of the suit actually does all the work. This state-of-the-art fabric is sheer genius. Unlike girdles, the MiracleSuit® is actually comfortable. It doesn’t bind or pinch, and there is no hard boning to poke or jab at you. Yet amazingly this suit takes extra firm control of your little (and sometimes not so little) imperfections, tucking away an extra “jelly-roll” here and there, flattening out the bulges and smoothing away the dimples.

The MiracleSuit® is a bit pricey, at least compared to what I would normally spend on a swim suit, and I never thought in a million years that I would have ever paid as much as I did for a swimsuit, but I dare you to try one on and not lust after one of your own. The department store where I tried on the MiracleSuit® is a higher-end store anyway, so I decided to do a bit of comparative shopping. I tried on several suits I liked while I was at the department store, took note of the style names and numbers, and dashed out into cyber-space to see what I could find.

In the end, I bought my top at a local department store after waiting a few weeks for a good sale, and I bought my skirted bottoms on e-Bay™ at a significantly reduced price. All in all I spent $72.00 on my suit. The money was well spent, too. On our cruise I was able to go up on deck to sunbath with my daughters without a second thought as to whether or not I looked okay. The best thing about the MiracleSuit® is that, while the suit itself is a bit expensive, the confidence boost is absolutely free!

Kirstie Alley Plans on Starting Her Own Weight Loss Plan

Kirstie Alley, actress from Cheers, and Veronica’s Closet, has been in the press a lot because of her struggle with weight. Kirstie Alley gained weight and it became public speculation; she was even on her own TV show Fat Actress. Recently she became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig. She reportedly lost 75 pounds and started looking great.

Last week, Kirstie Alley parted ways with Jenny Craig. Kirstie Alley now plans on launching her own line on weight loss products. She says she has dealt with the roller coaster of gaining and losing weight, and she wants to help America. There are no details yet on what her plan will exactly include.

While we have no clue what exactly her plan will include, I think a diet plan coming from someone who has dealt with the struggles of weight less will be good. I have tried a lot of different diets the ones where you have to eat the prepackaged food, or the ones where you eat a strange combination of food, and all the ones in between. I have found that the thing that is lacking most in these diets in incorporating all the parts. I think for a diet program to work it also has to be something you will do. If the diet just focuses one part of weight loss such as food, you aren’t getting the exercise you need.

It seems like Kirstie Alley might lean towards a prepackaged food diet, since that is the type of diet she lost so much weight on. I think the prepackaged food can be a help when you are trying to diet. It makes it easy because you don’t have to count calories, or figure out what you are able to eat. But prepackaged food diets have a major problem, they aren’t realistic for the long haul. I am not going to be eating their prepackaged food my whole life, so the diet needs to include teaching you the right foods to switch over to. It also needs to help you make the transition to the regular foods, so you don’t gain all the weight back as soon as you go of the diet.

The other most important part of prepackaged food diets is the taste and variety. I have never tasted prepackaged food that actually satisfies my cravings. To me the prepackaged foods always taste, prepackaged. Who wants to spend a lot of time eating food that just doesn’t taste good. I think Kirstie Alley might really address this. She spent a lot of time on a diet like this and eating these foods. So Alley should address this issue.

If Kirstie Alley puts everything she has learned from dieting into this new diet that she is planning it has the potential to do really well. A lot of people would probably try a diet that is made by a celebrity. Since we know Alley has struggled with weight loss it will encourage other people that has to lose weight. I think Kirstie Alley’s diet could do really well, but we will have to wait about a year to see.

The Magic Key to Weight Loss: Zero In On Health

The Only Tip You Need to Know for Permanent Weight Loss

Is there really a magic key to weight loss? Yes, there is. I am going to give you that secret. There is no reason for you to suffer anymore with being overweight.

You know that you have tried almost every diet out there and you weren’t successful over the long-term. Have you known anyone who has lost weight on the popular weight loss programs and kept it off over 5 years? I’m thinking of a certain rah-rah group in particular. The leaders may have enough motivation to keep the weight off for a certain period of time but many of them fail as well.

You don’t fail on diets because of lack of willpower or because you’re a glutton. You fail because you can’t fool your physiology using the methods you have tried. Your body will not adjust to caloric restriction or elimination of food groups using the methods you’ve entertained in the past (I don’t mean this to be quite the blanket statement; there are exceptions. I am speaking generally.). Your body doesn’t care that you are overweight. Your body cares about survival. You might think our bodies promote survival of the fattest. This is true, in part. We need a certain amount of nutrition and bodyweight to reproduce, but, of course, we know that being overweight or obese leads to a shorter lifespan. How many morbidly obese 80 year olds have you seen?

Some questions you might ask yourself are, “How did I become overweight?” “Why do I overeat?” “Why don’t I have control over food?” “Why can I not stop eating sweets or chips?” First, you have to consider our purpose on this earth, apart from your spiritual mission. Remember, we are here to reproduce. And to reproduce we need food. Our hunger drive forces us to find food. When food is available, we eat. There is no way we can avoid such a primal drive.

Not so long ago, food was not easy to come by. Humans spent most of their day hunting and preparing food. Available foods were whole foods no matter where on earth you lived. Foods were not refined and as tasty as they are today. Even most fruits were not particularly sweet. With the advent of agriculture, we saw overweight and sickly Egyptians. The early Egyptians found ways to make food more enjoyable. They consumed a diet high in refined grains, sweets, and saturated fat. They developed the diseases of civilization such as obesity, heart disease and Type II diabetes. We are no different than those early Egyptians. When food is available, we are driven by our primal hunger drive to eat and overeat, especially refined foods. Even healthy foods can make us fat because we have a tendency to overeat them as well, especially in the presence of refined foods.

Why do some of us overeat? The reasons are more complex than survival alone. The survival response makes us eat when food is available. In developed countries, such as the United States of America, food is readily available via grocery stores, convenience stores, and a plethora of fast food restaurants. However, overeating is driven by an addiction response. Simple carbs such as refined flour, sugar, and even fruit stimulate a pleasure response in the brain that is very addictive. Say you eat an ice cream sandwich after dinner. You are driven to eat another although you can feel the fullness in your stomach. Or maybe you grab some sweet dried fruit like raisins or prunes to satisfy the quest for sweet. Still not satisfying. You may eat some candy or chocolate at this point. Two hours later you’re thinking about ice cream again. Finally, after ingesting too many calories to either lose weight or maintain weight, you’re finally done for the evening.

So, what is the answer to this hell-like pattern that you have been powerless to break? Is it a low-carb diet? For many people, a low-carb or even a radical zero-carb diet (www.zeroinginonhealth.com) can work. Sometimes, these are the only type of diets that work for some people. I would suggest, however, you try my suggested method first. If my method works for you, there will be no need to lower or eliminate carbohydrates. It’s worth a try. What have you got to lose, other than excess poundage that makes you feel terrible physically and emotionally?

Now that you know why you have been overeating (barring a medical condition), let me give you the key to getting out of fat prison. Here is your personal gold key: for the first meal of the day, eat protein to satiation. Have some boiled or cooked eggs, some turkey bacon, and even a wedge of cheese if you like. Have you ever eaten cereal and milk for breakfast and were so hungry an hour or two later that you could eat the carpet? Or maybe you felt nauseous and shaky. Even if you ate oatmeal without sugar? It’s because you ate carbohydrates. Thank you for the low blood sugar, grand carbs (refined or not). Carbohydrates eaten by themselves will stimulate your hunger (real physical hunger) and appetite (sometimes a seemingly demon-driven desire to eat and eat) not just in the morning, but all day long! Even a bowl of black beans can do you in if you are insulin-resistant or susceptible to blood sugar fluctuations.

Now, it is possible that you can eat a junky carb, like a donut, at breakfast. First you have to eat your protein. And it depends upon how insulin resistant you are. Almost everyone who is overweight has some insulin resistance. Consider that it only takes 5 – 10 pounds of excess fat to cause insulin resistance or turn on the Type II diabetes gene in some people. This is where exercise can really help you. Exercise is another magic pill when it comes to decreasing insulin resistance. When insulin resistance is decreased, you can consume more carbohydrates.

The magic key is to eat a protein-heavy breakfast no matter what the rest of your diet or lifestyle is like. What if you want to do low-saturated fat? You can do a low saturated fat breakfast and quiet the hunger drive. A good suggestion for a low-saturated fat breakfast: egg whites, turkey bacon and low-fat cottage cheese. I cannot think of anything that would work for a true vegetarian unfortunately (check the McDougall website if you are interested in losing weight/reversing heart disease on a vegan diet).

If you want to take this one step further, I’d suggest always eating some kind of protein at your meals and snacks. You’ll ensure your blood sugar levels stay even and banish the out-of-control-hunger demons. I don’t want you to get caught up in the dieting mentality, but eating more protein overall may be a step you need to take.

List of Proteins

Egg whites
Turkey bacon
Hard,semi-soft, and soft cheeses (cottage cheese is great)
Chicken breast
Turkey slices
Fish (smoked salmon, tuna mixed with mayo, smoked Cod, etc.)
Whey protein powder mixed with water, milk or soy milk (but consume additional proteins)
Low-Carb Slim-Fast or other protein drink (but consume additional proteins)

In short, any animal protein you enjoy may be consumed.

The reason I suggest additional proteins with the whey protein or Slim-Fast is that liquids have a tendency to leave our stomachs quickly and may not have the satiating effect you want when consumed by themselves.

The protein breakfast is the magic key, the big secret you have been waiting for. Let’s ditch the diet slavery once and for all.